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Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack + Registration Keys Download 2023

Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack Download 2023 you can record anything on your screen, including your desktop activities, live streaming videos, web meetings, and so on. You can capture your activity on the full screen or within a specifically set, customized region on your display along with audio, and it can keep videos synchronized with audio. Besides, recording a webcam or capturing a screen together with a webcam is also feasible. You can record a video chat or make a tutorial video with this screen recording software.


ApowerREC Full Cracked can be used to make a tutorial video; you can even record a webcam only or simultaneously record a webcam with your desktop activities. In addition, it also comes with highlighted features, a flexible overlay toolbar, visual recording settings, high output quality, etc. Moreover, Apowersoft ApowerRec Key also comes with a built-in video editor that allows you to edit recordings in real-time and advanced editing, including adding effects, adjusting the volume, customizing the audio outputs, and more.

Key Features of Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack:

Apowersoft ApowerREC is a screen recording software that allows you to record video and audio from your computer screen, webcam, and microphone. Some key features of ApowerREC include:

  • Multiple Recording Modes: ApowerREC allows you to record your entire screen, a specific window, or a custom area. You can also record with or without audio, and add webcam footage to your recording.
  • Editing Tools: After you finish recording, ApowerREC provides you with a variety of editing tools to trim, crop, and add annotations to your recording. You can also add text and watermarks to your recording.
  • Scheduled Recording: ApowerREC has a scheduled recording feature that allows you to set a time to start and stop recording. This feature is particularly useful if you need to record a webinar or live stream.
  • Task Recording: ApowerREC allows you to set up a task to record automatically based on specific conditions, such as starting to record when a certain application is launched.
  • Real-Time Editing: While you are recording, ApowerREC also allows you to edit your video in real-time, such as adding arrows or highlighting important points on the screen.
  • Export Formats: ApowerREC allows you to export your recordings in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more. You can also choose the video quality and frame rate for your recording.
  • Cloud Storage: ApowerREC offers cloud storage for your recordings, which is particularly useful if you need to access your recordings from different devices or share them with others.

Overall, Apowersoft ApowerREC is a versatile screen recording software with a range of features that make it a useful tool for recording tutorials, webinars, gameplays, and more.

Advanced Key Features:

Sure, here are some more advanced key features of Apowersoft ApowerREC:

  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP): ApowerREC allows you to add a picture-in-picture effect to your recordings, which means you can record your webcam footage and overlay it onto the main screen recording. This feature is useful if you need to show your face while demonstrating something on your screen.
  • Custom Watermarks: In addition to adding text watermarks, ApowerREC allows you to create custom watermarks with images or logos. This feature is useful if you want to brand your recordings or add a professional touch.
  • Video Compression: ApowerREC has a video compression feature that allows you to compress your recordings without losing quality. This feature is useful if you need to reduce the file size of your recordings for easier sharing or storage.
  • Mouse Effects: ApowerREC offers various mouse effects, such as highlighting the cursor, adding click sounds, and showing mouse clicks in the recording. This feature is useful if you want to make your recordings more engaging and interactive.
  • Hotkeys: ApowerREC allows you to customize hotkeys for various recording actions, such as starting and stopping recording, pausing and resuming recording, and taking screenshots. This feature is useful if you want to streamline your recording workflow and avoid using the mouse.
  • Audio Effects: ApowerREC offers various audio effects, such as noise reduction, audio normalization, and audio enhancement. This feature is useful if you want to improve the audio quality of your recordings.
  • Task Scheduler: ApowerREC has a task scheduler that allows you to set up recording tasks at specific times or on specific days. This feature is useful if you need to record something regularly, such as a daily live stream or a weekly webinar.

Overall, Apowersoft ApowerREC offers a range of advanced features that make it a powerful screen recording tool for professional use.

System Requirement of Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack:

The system requirements for Apowersoft ApowerREC are as follows:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.11 or later
  • Intel Core i3 or higher processor (Intel Core i5 or higher recommended)
  • 2GB RAM or more (4GB or more recommended)
  • 200MB free hard disk space for installation
  • 1280×768 resolution or higher

In addition, ApowerREC requires an active internet connection to activate the software and access some of its features, such as cloud storage and online sharing. It is also recommended to have a microphone and webcam if you plan to record audio and video from your computer screen and add webcam footage to your recordings.

What’s New In ApowerREC Crack?

  • Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

Pros and Cons of Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack:

Here are some pros and cons of using Apowersoft ApowerREC:


  • Easy to use: ApowerREC has a user-friendly interface and simple navigation, making it easy for users to start recording their screen with minimal training.
  • Versatile: ApowerREC can record a range of content, including gameplay, tutorials, presentations, and live streams. It also offers various recording modes and editing tools, giving users more flexibility in their recordings.
  • Real-time editing: ApowerREC allows users to edit their recordings in real-time, such as adding annotations, arrows, and highlights to the video while it is being recorded. This feature helps users to create more engaging and interactive content.
  • Cloud storage: ApowerREC provides users with free cloud storage to save their recordings, making it easy to access and share them with others.
  • High-quality recording: ApowerREC records high-quality video and audio, and offers various export formats, allowing users to create professional-looking recordings.


  • Limited editing features: While ApowerREC offers basic editing tools, it lacks some advanced features that are available in other video editing software.
  • Limited trial period: The free trial of ApowerREC is limited to three minutes per recording and 50MB per file size, which may not be sufficient for some users to fully evaluate the software.
  • Internet connection required: ApowerREC requires an active internet connection to access some of its features, such as cloud storage and online sharing.
  • Limited support: ApowerREC does not offer phone support, and its email support may take longer to respond to user inquiries.

Overall, Apowersoft ApowerREC is a reliable screen recording software with various features that make it a popular choice among users. However, its limited editing features and trial period may not meet the needs of all users.

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Apowersoft ApowerREC License Key

Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack

ApowerREC License Key, you can capture the desktop environment completely or selectively in a specific area with a sound card or microphone’s custom sound. Besides, it is possible to record webcam images and video chat or video tutorials with this software simultaneously and record recorded videos in the usual MP4 formats. Save AVI, WMV, MOV. With ApowerREC software, you can capture the best moments of the game in H.D. quality, capture images from specific sections, edit your video, and share this enjoyable gameplay experience with others. You can take a screenshot of your film and add text or geometric shapes to the photo with the help of photo editing tools available in the software.

Final Disclaimer and Instructions from PiratePC:

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How to Crack, Activate, or Register Apowersoft ApowerREC Full Version?

  1. Uninstall the Previous Version Completely With IObit Uninstaller
  2. Turn Off Your Virus Guard
  3. Install Program & Don’t Run It (If Running Then Quit)
  4. Run Crack & Click On Crack
  5. Done! Enjoy

Download: Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack

FAQS OF Apowersoft ApowerREC Crack:

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Apowersoft ApowerREC:

  1. What is Apowersoft ApowerREC?

    Apowersoft ApowerREC is a screen recording software that allows users to capture their computer screen, webcam, and audio. It also offers editing and sharing features, making it a versatile tool for creating tutorials, gameplay videos, presentations, and more.

  2. How much does Apowersoft ApowerREC cost?

    Apowersoft ApowerREC offers different pricing plans depending on the user’s needs. The pricing ranges from $24.95 per month for a monthly subscription to $79.95 for a yearly subscription. There is also a lifetime license available for $159.95.

  3. Is Apowersoft ApowerREC safe to use?

    Yes, Apowersoft ApowerREC is safe to use. It is a reputable software that has been tested and verified by many users. However, as with any software, it is important to download it from a trusted source and keep it updated to avoid security risks.

  4. Can Apowersoft ApowerREC record audio?

    Yes, Apowersoft ApowerREC can record audio from various sources, including computer audio, microphone, and webcam audio. It also offers various audio editing features, such as noise reduction, audio normalization, and audio enhancement.

  5. Can Apowersoft ApowerREC record in HD?

    Yes, Apowersoft ApowerREC can record in HD quality, up to 1080p at 60 frames per second (fps). It also offers various export formats, allowing users to create high-quality recordings for their needs.

  6. Does Apowersoft ApowerREC offer a free trial?

    Yes, Apowersoft ApowerREC offers a free trial that allows users to test the software’s features before purchasing. The free trial is limited to three minutes per recording and 50MB per file size.

  7. Can Apowersoft ApowerREC be used on Mac and Windows?

    Yes, Apowersoft ApowerREC can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems. The system requirements may vary depending on the version of the software and the user’s device specifications.

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